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Diy Your Own iPhone 5 Stand
iPhone 5 accessories are the cell phone accessories we either love or hate. The love is that its design appearance is perfect, and the hate is that it is expensive and not practical. This week what we introduce to you is Diy production. The cost is almost at $0 as long as you can print it.

From raw materials to the production equipment,ipad cases designer iphone Accessories designer, you should prepare by yourself. In fact, it doesn't matter, because we will teach you make an iPhone dock. So on selecting material, you should be careful. That is to say the raw material at least should withstand the weight of iPhone. In fact, you should prepare a thick and hard paper. The tender and cover both are ok.

Besides the raw materials, the rest is very simple. As long as using the computer to printout drawings(), and then use scissors to cut in accordance with the drawings. Of course,designer iphone cases, we should notice that the drawing format is PDF format. You need to prepare a PDF reader; I believe you can do it.

If you are not satisfied with white,iphone 5c cases wholesale iphone 5s cases,iphone case wholesale usa, you can also self-designed print color. Of course, if you use other colors paper, it will be good-looking,iphone 5s cases wholesale, such as red. In fact,wholesale cellz, sometimes designing a thing also is very easy. With a little innovation,wholesale iphone cases cellz iphone 5s case, the effect is super good.

I'll share more  to you. From now on, hurry to pick up the scissors and diy it.  

If you are a  dealer,iphone 5 pendant wholesale, you can teach this to your  customers.

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